Dhillon’s History

The Dhillons are sometimes known as the “Raja Jats” (King Jatts) due to the large number of kings, royalty & warriors. Its thought to be one of the oldest Jat syndicates with history dating back over 4000 years. The Dhillons r the descendants of King Karna, the famed royal warrior mentioned in the great Hindu epic, the Mahabharata & he was also the eldest son of Queen Kunti. There was a King Karna in the Bhin-baroliya gotra too. Most Dhillons today trace their history back to Prince Dhillon, the first Dhillon, the grandson of King Karna & great grandson of Queen Kunti. According to the family tree of Dhillons of Amritsar, Prince Dhillon was the grandson of Mahabharat famed Karna & son of Loh Sen.
After Karna was killed at the Battle of Kurukshetra, his descendants first went to Rajasthan, Haryana & then to Bathinda. Dhillons r linked to the royal house of the Pandavas. Yudhishtra, ruler of Hastinapur and Indraprastha, later known as Delhi. The third ruling Jat dynasty in Lastinapur, Indraprastha & Kausambi. During the reign of the 4th generation, the capital was changed to Magadh. Its also mentioned that during the reign of the 4th generation of Yudhisthra, Hastinapur was destroyed due to changes in the course of the River Ganges. The Dhillon Dynasty founded Delhi & ruled there from 800 BC-283 BC (about 450 years). Its from the name of Dhillon that we have the word Dhilli or Delhi. A ruler of the Dhillon dynasty, Raja Dhilu (King Dihlu) founded Delhi & the dynasty ruled from there from 800 BC-283 BC.



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